About Us

Hello, my name is Tavil Gertlishman, and it’s me to stay behind the SevenHeavenCasino.com. Here you can learn more about me, my life, work and, of course, about the online blog.

This article will tell you the story of the site creation, its aim, idea and why it can be useful for you. So, let’s become a little bit closer and get to know each other better. Make a tea, take a cake or cookies, and sit back enjoying your time.

My story began on 19 May 1989, when two British people in love became parents of a little boy. It was in Westminster, The United Kingdom. It was quite expected that I would be a creative baby considering the fact my father was an architect and mother a teacher of drawing in the primary school (KS2).

That’s why it was expected that I would choose the University of the Arts London in 2005. There I entered Media Communications, moved to London and got my BA three years later. Being a student, I started to write short articles for small magazines, it wasn’t a stable work, but it was a good experience that helped me define my future.

SMM and journalism were my targets. And I was lucky to try both professions. In 2010 I was a journalist of the Oyster that is an Australian magazine, also I was an SMM-manager for the Walrus, that is an online Canadian magazine.

Also, I was a journalist of the UK online magazines like On: Yorkshire Magazine for about 2 years, after that I worked at the Umbrella Magazine till I with my team owned the SevenHeavenCasino site in the 2000s. Though I didn’t stop to write for other blogs. Anyway, this site is my main work and passion.

The chance defines everything. Being a journalist of the On Magazine I was asked to write about one of the most popular ways for entertaining in the world, and I was surprised to find out that the online casinos were in the list. After that, I researched the topic and the deeper I went, the more interesting I found the theme.

Thus, the idea of the creation of the online gambling blog was born. I’m keen on Buddhism and I believe in Karma. Everyone knows Karma’s First Great Law: “Whatever we put into the universe will come back to us.” That’s why, I and my team work to reveal the truth, provide with relevant and accurate info.

I discovered that it’s too little information about the gambling industry on the net. Herewith, only if you’re an experienced gambler and know the crucial aspects to check, it’s easy to recognize the legal, reputable and trustworthy online casino to play online. The situation is opposite when it comes to the newbies.

That’s why I decided to create a site where anyone can get all the needed details, support, intelligence, information about online gaming and casino services. This blog was for fun only in the early going. Anyway, having read a lot about the industry, it captivated me more and more.

Here are lots of useful articles, tips, hacks, and reviews divided into the categories and topics that represent the current situation in the industry and provide bare facts. So anybody can get a pro advice around the world, around the clock. The comprehensive write-ups can be found in the following sections of the blog:

  • “Bonuses” item contains the following sections as Best Bonuses, Bonus Slots, Free Spins that will highlight all the nuances concerning the casino promotions.
  • “Software”: includes the following subtitles as IGT, Microgaming, NetEnt, Playtech, RTG, Top Game where you can pick up info about the casino suppliers and their products.
  • “Platform” offers the following sections: Android, iPad, iPhone, Mobile where you can read about the gambling on the go and all the related aspects.
  • “Country” with Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, United States sections included will highlight the nuances of the gambling laws on different territories.
  • “Games” item includes such subgroups as Best Games, Slots, Tables Games, Blackjack, Baccarat, Craps, Roulette where you can read about the rules, strategies, tips, RTP, variations and the casinos with the biggest games libraries of a kind.
  • “Payment” contains Credit Card and PayPal yet, there you will read the articles about the casinos with the banking method offered.
  • “Other” section offers to read about New Casinos, Flash, Live casinos and their service.

There are subgroups with detailed surveys on the gambling topics. Casino games, formats, software providers, privacy policy, terms and conditions, and more are investigated by me and my team of experts to highlight some crucial things to consider before making a choice.

As you see the aim of the blog is essential. It’s created to share own experience, knowledge, hacks and, in such a way, to help people recognize a worthy online casino from a scam. No advertising or commercial purpose.

We work to inform players only. Here you will get only the truth with two sides (as positive, so negative) of online casinos and industry described. Yes, we show the things as they are without painting a rosy picture. I and a few guys gamble online investigating as legal so not kind of the industry describing the nuances you can meet on the way.

Here you can read any topic of the blog without any registration as well as without providing any personal details like name, email, phone, date of birth, etc. However, as well as other resources, SevenHeavenCasino site has own rules to keep in mind.

First and foremost, I recommend you to visit the T&C Policy along with Privacy and Cookie Policy to get aware of your rights and responsibilities as well. Hope that you will enjoy our work, articles, site and it will be pretty useful for you!