Best Real Money Casinos for Online Craps

1Jackpot City100% up to $1,600read moreplay
2Spin Palaceup to 100% up to $1,000read moreplay
3Unique100% up to €200 + 20 free spinsread moreplay
4Red Flush100% up to $700read moreplay
5Vegas Crestup to 300% up to $2,500 +
100 free spins
read moreplay

Craps is a popular professional game of chance. It uses dice and can be between players (street or shooting dice) or against a bank (a casino variant). In brick-and-mortar houses, large crowds gather around tables from the evening till the small hours. Still, it’s getting quite difficult to find them as they upgrade small tables to full size ones, which later disappear into thin air, leaving anxious players behind.

For example, in London it’s a real challenge to discover the desired tables. Thanks to online gambling, it has become fast and easy to get thrills from rolling dice without the necessity of traveling long distances (like in the UK in 2016). In order to maximize winnings and betting experiences, it’s a must to play at reputable and respected real money casinos with:

  • max payout percentage which is generally about 97% in a long run, for example, at Jackpot City and Spin Palace
  • lots of bonus offers with friendly clearing requirements to build up a hefty bankroll
  • fast and sure payouts, etc.

Compared to Free Craps Games

Trying free craps is a great idea as the entertainment seems quite complicated for beginners, while seasoned players know for sure that it isn’t. Learn the basics and get first-hand experience without any risks thanks to free of charge sessions, which have little difference (if any at all) in comparison with real money betting.

Trustworthy software providers point out that random number generators are the same despite the fact how financially-involved the game gets. As a result, top-rated casinos have their RNG not only thoroughly tested, but also professionally approved for gripping real money games.

Is Craps High Roller Game?

Playing it for cash is wide-spread, while high roller versions seem unusual. Nevertheless, there is a bunch of VIP houses with extremely large wagers and they are quite popular. In fact, small ones also welcome massive-account players, unfortunately they simply cannot afford the big action.

It’s reasonable to bet big at a really huge place with royal offers and services. Normally, min bets begin with 0.5 p/c, but they grow incredibly for gamblers with large budgets. In Las Vegas, Venetian and Wynn Casino are the most favorite among big whales. In the Internet, Lucky Red and High Noon casinos have gone the extra mile to please serious players.

What Are the “Odds”?

The odds are based on a set of dice and possible combinations. More common numbers get lower payouts and vice versa. A seven (1/6, 2/5, 3/4, 4/3, 5/2 and 6/1) has the highest chances of 16.66% as there are 6 ways, while 1/1 and 6/6 come out the least frequently – only 2.77%.

The game has a variety of wagers and each one has its own house edge. 0% is available for the free odds stake (and the amount is limited), which can be placed only after a bet with positive house edge. Explore all wagering variations to find the optimal bet with minimum odds.

Get Best Casino Bonus to Play for Cash

Promotions make craps incredibly appealing. The most-known ones include:

  • no deposit allows free playing for real money winnings
  • match bonuses boost bankrolls greatly
  • sign-up/welcome promos are a nice way to greet new players, etc.

Along with generous bonuses, there are loyalty points and refer-a-friend programs. All in all, the best craps casinos for real money know how to make playing not only pleasant, but also profitable.

Fast Payment Options: eWallets vs. Credit Cards

When choosing banking methods, it’s important to take into account duration of transactions and fees. Visa is the most accepted worldwide and Mastercard closely follows it. Now e-Wallets are in the growing demand with the most common of PayPal, Neteller (1,75%) and Skrill, which is the cheapest of all for depositing and withdrawals and has no limits.

Quick Craps Tips

As craps has lots of strategies to choose from and there are a great many game variations, players should be attentive, when picking up a winning system. The thing is, it can do wonders for one variation and be disastrous for others.

  • Crapless craps by Stupak is perfect for reducing house edge – just place large free odds bets.
  • Open craps allows massive winnings (with 5% house commission) and is popular on the street.
  • High point craps with 2.35% edge requires getting higher than the point, otherwise losses will take place.
  • For New York craps there is no place and come/don’t come bets.
  • Simplified variant is ideal for beginners, just roll to win or lose, no intricate system of wagers.

3 Point Molly System

Craps fans do their favorite systems, like blackjack fans for example, and three point Molly (3 point Betty) is known for limiting losses. The main aim is to take care of pass line stakes when making come wagers. Benefit from a hot roller when betting odds behind the line. It’s closely connected with figure 3:

  • choose max odds for pass line and 2 come bets/max odds (wager an equal amount for a pass line bet, then place a come line bet)
  • halt wagering as soon as you get 3 points
  • use a pass/come bet when one of points is hit
  • repeat the pattern as long as a point or a 7-out is made by a shooter.