Privacy & Cookie Policy

The current page describes Privacy and Cookie Policy. By proceeding to use the site, you agree with the presented conditions, bearing all the points and the responsibility for your decision.

As this is portal, available to everyone, we do not ask anyone visiting the site to pass the registration and share their personal intelligence with us. Here, we provide different articles with a wide range of topics, starting with online casinos, up to their games and formats.

We do not have any commercial purposes, that is why, all the data of yours we own, we do not share with any third body. The site also uses Cookies, in the form of some data stored on your computer. Such info helps us broaden your experience and improve our content.

Collecting the Information

Being on the 7 Heaven, you do not have to worry about your personal and financial safety. Respecting your privacy and freedom, we do not require the registration of our visitors, who browse the portal for reading the reviews and getting to know some information about online gambling for real money.

Though, once subscribing to our newsletters, notifications thru mobile or other services, you are to present your email address and a password. We guarantee that all the intelligence will remain private, as we do not have third parties. Nothing is shared or used in any inappropriate way, as we protect the security and the composure of our customers.

Cookie Usage

Our site wants to warn the visitors that we use Cookies. Such small intelligence pieces are harvested from the site and kept on your device. Everything is done with the personal targets, so, it won’t be used in the way not beneficial for you. There are provided several kinds of the cookies, among which are technical, advertising, performance, essential, and more.

Each piece of information that we store and want to get is needed for receiving some idea about our visitors, their preferences and liking. Once the option is enabled, we are liable to analyze the used device, browser and its version, technical characteristics of the gadgets, etc.

We are also able to examine how long it takes for you to read a certain article, according to which we can imagine which topics are interesting to you. That is how, once you enter the site, we identify you, starting from the latest point left.

Also, there is no need to enter the same information, such as your personal data, credit card details, and more. Everything is stored in your browser, which makes the access faster.

Why We Need Cookies

Right when you enter the url, there starts the active collection of the information. We customize it, analyze and implement certain changes in our content and navigation to make it more convenient for you. Understanding your priorities and interests, we know which articles to offer and show. Such points as your IP address, browser, location, and more are revealed to us.

Along with the above mentioned items and conditions, we also reserve the right to implement some alterations in the text. Each visitor is to view the section once in a while to be aware of all updates and new terms. There are no certain dates of changes, that is why, you are responsible for your familiarity.

How To Disable Cookies

Entering the site, the option gets enabled automatically. However, it doesn’t mean this is an obligatory item that can’t be changed. Once you want to stop the cookie collection or delete all the data from your browser, you can enter the Settings and pick the necessary alternative. Still, we strongly recommend to keep the option active, as that will simplify your usage of the blog.