Responsible Gambling

Here, at SevenHeavenCasino, we want every our visitor to be responsible and conduct a conscientious gaming pastime. The modern world of online gambling is transparent and more than accessible, that is why, nothing can be kept secret.

Being influenced by the power of the media or different types of advertising, each player should be smart enough to stay on the safe side. The idea of virtual gambling was established for people. However, it was created as a source of getting fun, relaxing and receiving positive emotions.

That is why, you should always keep in mind the main principles and the targets. Still, some players may lose control over their pastime and take it as a way of earning money, distracting from daily things, etc. Our site is aware of potential difficulties and claims that all the articles posted on our blog are provided for giving the relevant information with the aim of assistance.

We speak about various topics, and all of them include practical tips, tell about the current situation in the market, etc. None of the data can be considered as an instruction or a compulsion for your further actions.

Moreover, we recommend everyone to check their gaming health by various trusted sources presenting professional help. With the aid of some tests and articles, you can recognize the problem if it exists. Also, according to law, no person under 18 years old is allowed to deal with gambling in any format it is.

How to Be Safe

We all know that the best weapon against everything is your knowledge and the right usage of the cognition. Sometimes, this is hard to control yourself and even if you think that everything is okay, the real situation may differ.

That is why, here we present a list of means that will help you be on the safe side. Please, check the points and once you notice that your idea of online gambling differs a lot from the things written, please, turn to professional help.

  • Online gambling can’t be considered as a source of earning money or making for a living. This is a way of getting fun only.
  • Within the gameplay, each winning should be taken as a bonus, not a regular thing. While each loss is a price for the pastime or a charge.
  • Placing stakes with borrowed money from your friends or loans from banks is a way to addiction.
  • Gambling can’t replace the communication with your friends or family. It also shouldn’t interrupt your working process.
  • Before the gameplay starts, there should be settled some limits. You should define the duration of the leisure, the maximum amount you can afford to lose.
  • Winning back the lost money is not a good idea, as it can cause more losses and problems.
  • Gambling in any form can’t be considered as a remedy, method for distracting from daily issues, way out of depression, etc.
  • SevenHeavenCasino takes online gambling seriously. That is why, we want to protect our customers and provide the relevant aid if needed. Please, once you feel that something in your gameplay is not as it is mentioned in the list, check the sites dedicated to professional help.

Self Protection Provided

Being aware of some facts in theory doesn’t mean you can use everything in practice. Please, take a fundamental approach to the point and turn the things mentioned above into reality.

Set some limits for your daily/weekly/monthly spending. Store the history of your pastime and analyze the data to determine which game brings you more wins, how much you spend, etc. Once, there is a necessity, you can take a time-out anytime of the gameplay.

Such options are provided for several days, and in case the situation is more serious, you can take a self-exclusion period for 6 months. Another option is to set limits in your account settings, mentioning the max sum available to stake, time to play, and more.